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Hiroshima University, a Japanese national university corporation, is located at Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima Pref. , Japan, which is away about 800km west from Tokyo, facing a national park, the “Seto Inland Sea”.

- History: Hiroshima University was established in 1949 through integration of existing higher educational institutions, featuring 11 faculties and 12 graduate schools.

- Faculties and Graduate Schools: Faculties are classified as Science, Engineering, Applied Biological Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Letters, Education, Law, Economics and Integrated Arts and Sciences. Graduate schools are classified as Science, Engineering, Advanced Sciences of Matter, Biosphere Science, Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences, Letters, Education, Social Sciences, Law School, Integrated Arts and Sciences, International Development and Cooperation. The numbers of staffs are academic staffs of 1,717 and non-academic of 1,589, totaling 3,306, and those of students are undergraduate students of 10,941, graduate of 4,239 and others of 265, totaling 15,445, including international students of 994 (from 66 countries) , as of May 2013.

- Research and Outreach Activities: Hiroshima University has a good reputation in the various advanced research fields, such as bio-medicine, engineering, chemistry, physics, material science, etc., yielding the international collaborative research with foreign companies and institutions ranked 7th in the Japanese universities as of FY 2012.

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